FORGOTTEN by Kailin Gow

Forgotten (Fade Series #3) by Kailin Gow

Publication Date: March 2012
Publisher: The EDGE Books
Pages: 234
Purchase: Amazon

A love that can never be forgotten…

The truth about Celestra Caine comes back in the most shocking way. Everyone knew Celestra Caine was dangerous, but they didn’t know she was THAT dangerous… As Celestra’s memories begin returning to her after being Faded, and her identity is revealed, she learns the fate of the world really is in her hands, and that she, the mysterious and sexy fader Jack, and her handsome ex-boyfriend Gray are more connected to each other than she ever imagined.

In this dystopian YA thriller, where nothing is what it seems, sometimes  love can be strong enough to withstand time and space and never be forgotten.


Forgotten is an explosive addition to the Fade series! Kailin Gow gets to the heart of Celestra’s story and throws the biggest loops ever. Falling ended with a chilling cliff-hanger and an epilogue that shows how much more there is to Grayson, Jack, and Celestra’s pasts. Forgotten introduces a new player and revelations that will completely change expectations of this series.

Celes finally knows more about where she’s from and what roles Grayson and Jack play in her life. The connection they all have with each other is seen in a clearer light and much of what’s happened in the series, so far, comes to make perfect sense. The twist that Kailin adds in this story is surprising and terrifying at the same time. The danger following Celes isn’t just about her anymore. Now, the world is at stake and it’s up to her to save it.

Celes has come a long way from the scared girl who had to leave behind her family to protect them from the Others. Kailin has made sure that she’s a strong character with the talent for leading and it’s evident in Celestra’s actions. Her love life may still be a little shaky, but her confidence is solid. The future of this series is bright even though Celestra’s world may be headed toward destruction. Fever, the next installment of the Fade series, is surely going to excite and impress readers even further!

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