High School Student, Leon Purvis, Asks Justin Bieber To Prom

Article by: May Abraham, Rebecca Fields

In the upcoming book, “The Book of Blood and Shadow” by Robin Wasserman (April/10/12), the main character, Nora, wakes up covered in blood. Her boyfriend is missing and one of her friends is in a coma while the other is dead. Nora has to uncover what happened that night, even if it means risking her life.

Another soon to be released book is “The Princesses of Iowa” by M. Molly Backes (May/8/12). In this story, Paige has the perfect life. She comes from a wealthy family and has the looks and popularity to win a spot in the homecoming court. However, after a party and an accident, her life changes and Paige has to decide if she’s going to be what everyone expects her to be or if she has the strength to be who she really is.

What do these two books and many others have in common? Not much, if you look on the surface. However, they do have something in common. It’s something that we all struggle with from time to time. What is it?


Courage is a recurring theme in many Young Adult novels. But what exactly does courage mean? According to the dictionary definition, it means “the ability to do something that frightens one.” Pretty vague, right? Let’s dig deeper, so we truly understand what a gift it is to have courage and bravery.

Courage is to do the right thing even when the wrong thing could produce better results. It is about being afraid, but still facing your fears. It is the ability to keep going, knowing the odds are against you, but doing it anyway because it’s what you believe in. Courage means to stay true to yourself and speak your mind.

People embrace their courage everyday and sometimes, it pays off in ways that are completely unexpected. Take Justin Bieber, for example. Eighteen year old Bieber is a musical phenomenon. He started his career by posting videos of himself on YouTube at the age of thirteen. His rise to fame has been meteoric and he’s arguably one of the most recognized pop stars in the world. It took only twenty-two minutes to sell out his 2010 concert at Madison Square Garden. With over 18 million Twitter followers, and almost 42 million likes on his Facebook fan page – Justin Bieber has some serious fans.

However, one fan in particular wants to get Justin’s attention. Leon Purvis isn’t your typical Justin Bieber fan and he hopes that works in his favor. This past year Leon recorded a video on YouTube where he asked the pop star to accompany him to his prom on June 2nd and he is doing everything possible to make sure his message reaches Justin. He made it very clear that he wants him to accompany him just as a bro, even adding that he can bring Selena Gomez if he wanted too. Leon’s motto is none other than what Justin Bieber said: “Never Say Never.”

Sixteen year old Leon is a junior in high school. He runs track and has a black belt in karate. In other words, he probably wasn’t the intended demographic Justin Bieber had in mind. However, Leon has been a fan of Bieber since his early days on YouTube. When asked why he chose Justin Bieber out of all the other celebrities out there, Leon said he feels that Bieber is more raw and real than most musicians out there. He went on to say that “Justin Bieber came from raw talent and no machines. Most celebrities come from machines that make them look good.”

After recording the video and posting it, which can be found below, Leon started getting local attention and he says he never expected it to get this big. He’s received tons of support on YouTube. He said that, at first, his friends thought he was crazy for doing this, but they support him 100%, because they know him and how he is. “It was easy to get a lot of people on board with my plan because I’m a confident and determined person and I don’t give up on anything,” Leon said.

And the biggest mystery of all, was he nervous to put this video up? “I was kind of nervous to put up the video asking Justin Bieber to prom for everyone to see. But as time went on I realized there was no reason for me to be nervous about posting the video. The first, initial reaction from my audience when I first began this adventure was that I am going nowhere with this and that he is not going to come. But as time went on more and more people started to believe in me and ‘Never Say Never.’”

Leon has done a lot to get Justin Bieber’s attention. He has publicized it as much as he can, and the process is still ongoing. One very successful attempt was to trend ‘#GuyAsksJustinBieberToPromOnYouTube’ on Twitter on December 27th. And as it turns out, it got in the top 25 trending topics! So, it seems as if he is doing a great job so far. Keep it up, Leon!

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