Building A Social Media Presence Before You Become Published

Despite differing opinions, a writer is a writer from the moment they decide to continually put pen to paper. With the publishing world constantly changing, when that writer puts pen to paper they should also become a social media butterfly. Some authors cringe at the word “social media” but to truly be successful they need to embrace it.  Publishers love authors with a social media presence; it means they can look forward to a joint effort in promoting your work.  You want people to read your work, right? Then start talking about it…..right away!

One of the easiest platforms an author can use to get the word out about their books is blogging. The beauty in blogging is that you can write in your own voice about your experiences. A lot of authors who say they only blog about writing don’t have a lot of readership, so the best thing to do is mix it up a little. Write about that crazy night out with the family, a cool book you recently read, or a brand new charity you just found out about, then you can throw in some writing posts.  Whatever you do keep it social, (hence the word social media) and build a connection with your readers. If you build a relationship with your readers through using your own voice then when your book comes out they won’t think twice about buying it. They feel like they already know you and trust your written word.

Twitter and Facebook are also pivotal to selling books. They are wonderful ways to share the blood, sweat, and tear moments of the writing process (maybe blood is a little exaggerated, but every author puts tears and sweat into their books, trust me). Sharing your experiences as you write your novel lets people see all the hard work that went into writing that book their thinking about buying. Remember to keep social media social however, and communicate with your followers. Don’t just post links about your book asking people to buy it. Those posts get old and boring quickly. Ask them about the books their reading, retweet or share their exciting writer moments and don’t be afraid to ask them how their day went. Building that bridge of communication early will make the already stressful process of marketing your book a lot easier.

Even the shiest individual can be a social media butterfly (talking to people on twitter can be a lot easier than talking face-to-face). Social media marketing never stops and should begin the moment you decide to tell the world your story. However, give social media a little time and effort and you’ll see that some of your most treasured professional relationships may start this way and you’ll never want to stop.



  1. Rebecca Fields says

    Great article, Janiera! Michelle Zink, author of the “Sisters of Prophecy” series does a great job on Facebook of interacting with her readers on a personal level. I really admire her for that. Thanks for the great advice 🙂

    • says

      Thank you Rebecca, and I bet because you admire her for that your more willing to read her book? Social media and just being yourself really does work. 🙂

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