Shatter Me Book Two Has A Name!

There are very exciting things happening in the publishing world lately! One particular talk of the pub town is the 2nd book to Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me trilogy. She recently informed her fans, through the vlog below, the title of book 2 and some other very exciting news. No longer do readers call book 2, Book 2; it has a name! Are you ready?


What do you think? It’s catchy and it goes with the whole Shatter Me theme. Now, you are probably asking what the rest of the news is. Well, this may be exciting to some and a little upsetting to others, but here it is: Instead of Unravel Me being released in November of 2012, it will now be released February of 2013. Yeah, kind of a shocker, but according to Tahereh, she says that there will be a lot of great opportunities for us during that two to three month difference for us to better understand and appreciate the Shatter Me trilogy. Below you can find her vlog and watch her ‘unravel’ the news herself.

In other Tahereh related news, she is hosting a MAJOR giveaway. She is giving away about 6 book prize packs, three books in each pack. And wow, is she giving away some amazing books. To enter is really easy, just click here, and follow her instructions. Good luck! She has also posted dates for her book tour, so check out the site to see if she is coming to a city near you!


So what do you think of the news? Excited or a little upset that you have to wait an extra 3 months? Let us know in the comments!

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