Book 4 in the Hush Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick Finally has a Name

Becca Fitzpatrick revealed some pretty juicy information in her live video chat tonight. It was amazing to be able to see her and have her answer all of our need-to-know questions. We thank her infinitely for that. It made us all fall in love with her and her books even more! So, in case you missed the chat here is a basic run down of everything that she talked about, so you don’t miss out on all the amazing deets!
Haven’t you gotten tired of referring to Book 4 of the Hush Hush series as “Book 4”? Well, I know I have. So, here it is my fellow readers. The title of the last installment in the Hush Hush Saga! Are you ready?

The title of the fourth and final book in the Hush Hush Saga is….FINALE! It is a perfect fit for the final book in the series. But keep in mind, my friends, this obviously means that it is seriously the FINAL book. We were all hoping that maybe she would make a fifth book or a sixth or even a seventh, but unfortunately Finale will be the last book, for sure, as you can tell in the title. Fans of Hush Hush are raving about the title; they think it captures the final book perfectly. And although she did not inform us in the chat, she just tweeted when the book cover will be released, saying “Chat update: my publicist clarified that FINALE’s cover will be released in May. Four months!” So close and yet so far!

Becca also answered many questions from her raging fans. One that has been on many of readers minds: Did Becca sell the movie rights to Hush Hush? The answer, is sadly no. She says that she hasn’t sold them yet, but says that maybe in the future she will, but at the moment it is a no.

One reader asked why she chose fallen angels as the paranormal focus. She says that she’s always known Patch was going to be a bad-boy, but she didn’t know he was going to be a fallen angel. In fact she didn’t mean to even write about fallen angels. She just knew that she didn’t want Patch to be a typical bad-boy that does the crazy things, thus the fallen angels. When she developed that she wanted there to be a very literal reason for him falling. And as we all know, he fell for love.

Patch was inspired by a boy from Becca’s high school. She tells us that she remembers walking by him and not being able to hear what he thinks,

which is just like Patch. He is always so mysterious and unreadable, we never know what’s going on in that pretty little head of his. And when asked where she gets her hilarious, snarky one-liners that Patch says, she tells us that she gets them from her husband.

Now, one question that has been gnawing at my brain, and I know from the chat that it is the same with many others, is whether there is going to be anything from Patch’s point of view, or do we learn any more about Patch’s past. Unfortunately, the answer is no. She tells us that Patch is going to remain a mystery and is still, in fact, a mystery to herself.

Although she does not have an official date for when Finale will be released, she says that it will be released some time in October of 2012. So keep a look out for that! And the final question, that we have all been waiting for. What is Becca going to be working on after the Hush Hush Saga? Fortunately she gave us an idea that she has had. Here is the synopsis she gave us:

It is strictly a Young Adult Thriller with no paranormal or supernatural powers in it. It is about a girl who goes on a trip with her friends to the Teton Mountains in Wyoming and they all end up getting trapped there due to a snow storm. And of course there is going to be romance, seeing as how she is on this trip with her ex-boyfriend, who she is still madly in love with. The twist in the story is that there is a killer in the mountains and together they have to fight for their lives.

Seems like a suspenseful and very interesting read! Can’t wait until that is out and published!

Remember to keep a look out for FINALE, in stores October 2012!


  1. Mariah14161820 says

    I love the Hush, Hush Saga. I can’t wait till it come out. Becca Fitzpatrick is a good writer. When I first read the saga I could not stop reading the books. Then could not wait till I got the next book to read. Hopefully Finale will be good.

  2. Claire says

    I love the Hush, Hush saga but the problem is I wait AGES for a book then read it in a day or two…. At least they’re worth the waiting! XD

  3. shelly says

    i freakin’ love becca’s books! she is such a wonderful writer. i honestly couldn’t put the books down when i read them. and every time i finished a chapter i kept thinking about the story. i really wish she wouldn’t stop her saga at a fourth book. i wish it was longer!
    her hush, hush saga is wayyy better than the twilight saga by far. ♥

  4. Rebecka says

    I totally agree with you!! At first I loved The Twilight Saga, but as soon as I read Hush Hush. I put down Twilight and kept Hush Hush close to my heart! I really love All the three books!!!! I even started writing after reading theses books! Thank you s much Becca!! 😀

  5. says

    It says on her website that the graphic novel volume two is coming out October 23 2012 and so is the fourth book now I’m really confused. Because if you google search it most of the links say October 23 2012

  6. says

    i wish there was like a 10000000 books 🙁 they’re the best books i have ever read im not kidding, i hated to read back then, but now I’m a reading freak!

  7. Kathee Sauzier says

    I have just finished the Hush Hush trilogy I read all three in 3 days. I can’t wait for Finale to be released. I love the way Becca gets straight into the story. It was interesting from start to finish. It left me wondering about Patch and Nora’s future.

  8. dorisN says

    Excited??? I think YESS!!!! the third one BLEW my mind! I couldnt put it down. I don’t know if I’m more excited that the new is coming out or sad that its the last one!!

  9. summer says

    Ok yes the book was great and i just heard about them and read 3 in 4 days but i have a question that im dying 2 know. R they going 2 make movies out of this saga cuz i think they should, it can be the next twilight or even beat the hunger games fans so i greatly think there should be movies made out of this

    • Mitzi says

      I also want to see these books become movies and could make lots of people love it like I do or love it even more

  10. Angel says

    I love this series the first time i read it i couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to read more about what happens with PATCH and Nora …………. Can’t wait to get the 4th book

  11. says

    i can’t wait i read all the books at lease 10 times i love patch so dark yet sweet . Ya what happens in the 4th book i want to know the not knowing is killing me !!!!! have a good read every one 😀

  12. says

    Why cant tere be at least a few more books in the saga and i hope Becca says yes to making it into a movie bcx i will be the first one to watch it!!!:)

  13. says

    Hey becca im crazy about your books im only 14 turning 15 in march and so far your one of my favourite authors ever and there is only 4 favourite authors that i really like.Jeane sacree

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