Melissa Marr: Live Broadcasting Event

I watched Malissa Marr’s “Live Broadcast Event” yesterday feb. 23. 2011. It was so exciting to hear her talk about her books and the upcoming movie adaptation of them. I really hope you were able to watch it.

I also just realized that maybe next time I could write a post with the questions and answers that were asked in that event. I’m so upset because I didn’t think of that until now, but definitely next time I’ll be more prepared. She also had a “live chat” where we were able to ask her questions about anything, so hopefully (fingers crossed) next time I’ll try to gather questions from you (my readers) and ask them, just incase you were not able to watch the broadcast yourselves.

Now, I don’t remember everything asked, but the following are some questions asked in the Live Chat Box and Melissa’s answers (while their answers are still fresh in my head):

The following answers are not quotes, but I will try to answer as close as possible:

What do you do when you’re going through writing block?

She said she loves to sit in her filled with water tub, wear a snorkel, and sit under the water where she can’t hear anything. It helps her disconnect, and find her creative space. Sometimes when she needs some more space she uses her pool.

“My type of meditation” Melissa said.

Any updates about the movie?

Melissa said she can’t share much because she wants the producers to tell her “everything”. What she can tell us is the expected release date. 2012.

What’s your process of choosing the names of your characters?

While most of her stories are accidents, Melissa said that she spends more time figuring out her characters name. She focuses on the meaning behind the name and if it fits her characters personality best. For each character, she usually has a couple of names to choose from, and while she is writing the story she plugs and unplugs the different names until one fits perfectly. So it’s a process.

How many publishers did you go to before Wicked Lovely was published?

Wicked Lovely started as a short story. Before she wrote that story she had already finished a previous novel and sent that one out to publishers. she humorously said “Out of the forty, I got fifty rejections”. With Wicked Lovely, she had mixed responses, but the one that stood out to her, and her daughter pushed her to go for, was one that responded saying “I will die if I don’t have this story”. Her last rejection, she ironically got the day Wicked Lovely was released.

Fun Fact: Malissa’s favorite character in her Wicked Lovely Series is “Donia” which is my younger sister’s name!

Let me know if you’ve watched it, and what did you find very interesting?



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